At St Croix Valley Dentistry we can replace missing teeth. We offer full, partial dentures, and implant supported dentures. Dentures might be the solution If you are missing a large number of teeth.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are when you are only missing a few teeth. They are used to fill the gaps and they consist of porcelain teeth attached to a support structure than can snap into place with clasps. Partial dentures can be removed for cleaning and when you go to bed.

Full Dentures

When majority of your teeth are gone Full dentures is the best solution for restoring your smile. With full dentures you will have the ability to chew, and the form and definition of your face is more complete with a full set of dentures. Dr. Whisler and the team at St Croix Valley Dentistry can fit you for your set of full dentures at our office. Call to setup an appointment if you are in need of dentures.

Dentures supported by Implants

Implant dentures are an great option for patients who are looking to have a more solid support for their dentures. The implant dentures can be either permanent or temporary attached to the implant posts. Call St Croix Valley Dentistry today to see if Implant Dentures are right for you!