You are the BEST I was leaving for Airport when tooth fell out, you helped me out and we had a Great trip. Tooth still in place. Thanks again for the great SERVICE
Norm - 6/3/2015

I love you guys! Dr. Whistler you have an awesome team.
Stefen T. - 4/20/2015

Absolutely loved meeting Heidi! She was very friendly! Will definitely request her in the future
Anonymous - 4/17/2015

Tina & Lori are always friendly and Heidi did a great job!
Sara N. - 4/17/2015

Will always recommend anyone looking for dentist to Dr. Whislers office...Everyone is so super nice and friendly and attentive to our needs...Thank You :-)
Shelly B. - 4/14/2015

Dr Whistler and his staff are all such wonderful people. They have great customer service and the work dr Whistler does
Teresa T. - 4/13/2015

My experience with St. Croix Valley Dentistry was a vast improvement over my previous dental visits. Everyone that I worked with was phenomenal and they did an excellent job. I was very pleased with the overall experience and was put at ease from the time that I walked into the door. I would highly recommend St. Croix Valley Dentistry to others.
Jody N. - 4/11/2015

You could perform your services for free?
David K. - 4/10/2015

Everyone was great. You guys always go the extra mile for me. Keep up the great work!!
Aaron D. - 4/9/2015

I was treated great. Never even had any trouble getting out of the comfy chair with Val's help!! Lori and Tina or what ever her name is were also wonderful. Couldn't ask for more. Thanks a heap for everything. (Even if it did cost me!!)
Beverly B. - 4/8/2015

Everyone is always friendly and professional and very helpful. Thank you!
Paulette V. - 4/4/2015

Good service
Mary K. - 3/29/2015

Tina and Lori are always very nice at the front desk.. Tonya was excellent as my hygienist at my recent visit.. She was very welcoming and caring, while waiting for Brian to do my filling repairs.... Doreen was excellent at my cleaning three weeks ago... Brian, you should be very proud of your staff!!.. Terry Benson
Terry B. - 3/27/2015

Great visit. Your staff accommodated extra time for me and I appreciated getting everything taken care of without need for a second visit.
Ralph F. - 3/26/2015

Over the top customer service. Would never go anywhere else, even if it meant begging doctor Whistler to come in on a Sunday evening.
Chad D. - 3/24/2015

The best Dentist ever! Brian and team are great!
Anonymous - 3/19/2015

Thank you so much for wonderful care and the joyful atmosphere. We actually look forward to dental visits to see all of you!
Michelle P. - 3/18/2015

I met Val and Dr. Whisler and the ladies at the Reception Area were all exceptionally nice, helpful, cheerful and I'm glad I have established a new relationship with this Dental Office.
Shirley H. - 3/18/2015

Very friendly staff! I felt taken care of
Michael M. - 3/15/2015

I love coming to your office. I feel so welcomed. Thanks for the coffee too. That is such a treat to this coffee lover. Henri
Henrietta J. - 3/11/2015

everyone has been very welcoming and helpful every time I have come. Also accomedating any problem that came up. Thank you very much.
Judi S. - 3/5/2015

The whole staff are friendly and inviting. Makes going to the Dentist a pleasure...I bet you don't hear that too often!
Ricci G. - 2/27/2015

Its all good. :)
Bonnie A. - 2/25/2015

Thank you!
Layne P. - 2/25/2015

All is well with everyone there. Tonya stands out with her greatness.
Don M. - 2/21/2015

Dr Whisler and team are wonderful! Highly recommended!
Scott F. - 2/14/2015

Everyone was great, even that dentist guy.
James S. - 2/13/2015

Great staff!!!!
Robyn P. - 2/5/2015

You guys are awesome!
Ryan P. - 2/2/2015

Great place and I'll be back!
Sheryl M. - 1/30/2015

My first visit to a dentist in a long time. Everyone was very pleasant and friendly. I will be back.
Pete S. - 1/27/2015

Everyone was happy and smiley and it made my appointment fun to be at!
Brandon K. - 1/25/2015

Keep doing what you're doing!
Elizabeth G. - 1/23/2015

Dr. Whisler is the BEST
Dave D. - 1/22/2015

Nothing. you guys always do a fabulous job!
Robyn D. - 1/16/2015

Thanks for repairing/filling my cavity!
Michael H. - 1/15/2015

You all are TOTALLY the best of the best!! I would never ever change dental offices and I always tell my friends about you and your staff! LOVE LOVE you all!! You're the total best!!! XOXO
Michelle K. - 1/15/2015

Excellent care!! I will be recommending family and friends for sure!! Thank you!!
Melissa G. - 1/10/2015

LOVE the whole team, especially Val and Tina and Dr. Whisler! Great!
Daniel W. - 1/2/2015

The entire team knows us by name and makes us feel welcome
Nicole B. - 12/26/2014

It was a wonderful visit. Everyone treated us with kindness and respect. Thank you.
Connie P. - 12/25/2014

I would not change anything Dr.Whisler is the best dentist in the world! If I can,I'll have my kids come there.
Noelle W. - 12/20/2014

First time for with Val for cleaning. She used a different device than I normally expect. She was more than willing to use the "old" method if I didn't like the new one but it was quickly obvious that the new one was better. Glad she gave me the opportunity to try it.
James D. - 12/20/2014

it is difficult to improve on perfection
Keith C. - 12/19/2014

Referred through Valerie Woodward-Speer. Excellent experience. Everyone was professional.
Danielle W. - 12/14/2014

Tina and Lori are awesome, great people! Brian you're rather awesome yourself. Thanks
Gary D. - 12/13/2014

Service was great, love the new lip gloss!
Kari T. - 12/12/2014

Val was very welcoming and engaging during my session. She explained everything well and I felt she was wanting to give me the best dental service, information and recommendations. Thanks!!
Anonymous - 12/12/2014

I met the hygenist, Val and she was terrific! I always enjoying seeing Tina at the desk and visiting with Dr. Whisler. Thanks for the great dental care at St. Croix Valley Dentistry. I brag about all of you and I will refer family and friends.
Michele H. - 12/8/2014

Keep doing what you are doing!
Lois H. - 12/6/2014

my first time with Heidi - what a happy, cheerful person to meet first thing in a busy day!
Beth S. - 12/5/2014

Dr. Whistler and his staff have always given my wife and I great dental care, while being good people who are great at what they do.
Keith P. - 12/4/2014

This was the first time I had Val as a hygienist and she was great. She did an good job with my teeth cleaning and polishing and has great communication skills - very good balance.
John C. - 11/30/2014

Val and Dr Whisler are awesome!
Anonymous - 11/27/2014

I'm so nervous by dental and you put me more at ease! Thank you!
Kathleen A. - 11/19/2014

i like being able to just have a cleaning and not feel pressured to have the dentist "pop in" if it isnt necessary for him to look at my teeth.
Dan S. - 11/19/2014

Doreen explained all the options relevant to my questions and was very professional. Dr Whisler was also friendly and even asked how my wife, another of his patients, was doing with her particular issue. It was appreciated. Tina from the front office was also helpful with my financial questions. I am thankful for Dr. Whisler and his staff!
Peter V. - 11/13/2014

Always an amazing experience!!! Thank you!
Samantha P. - 11/13/2014

Dr. Whistler is an excellent dentist. All of his staff is wonderful. I love them all. Don't change a thing.
Mary P. - 11/13/2014

I always get top notch service when I go for my dental appointments. The staff is extraodinary. This is the first time I met Val and she was great. Thanks for all you do.
Amy B. - 11/5/2014

Fantastic! Dental Office
John M. - 10/30/2014

Super experience!! Thankful for a dentist that loves the Lord and is patient and kind!! Thank you!!
Cherise R. - 10/30/2014

Don't need to change a thing, I am very happy with the service and pleasant staff. Bonnie Knutson
Bonnie K. - 10/23/2014

The hygienist was gentle and did an effective job. I was very happy with the cleaning and x-ray procedure. The receptionist was (and always is) friendly and clear when making appointments and discussing financial issues.
Tami B. - 10/20/2014

The staff( Shawna & Secretarial) were great. Nice smiles !
Ray H. - 10/15/2014

Everything is there for me.
Paul A. - 10/10/2014

Dr. Whisler is AWESOME!!!! Great staff. I always feel comfortable coming in to the dentist and my teeth look fabulous. Thank you.....
Lori F. - 10/6/2014

Had a great time as always in that wonderful dentist chair!!! Brings back fond memories of listening to the Gaither's with those wonderful ear speakers!!! Heavenly experience!!!! Have a great day and God's blessings!
Renee S. - 10/3/2014

Everything was amazing! I'd change nothing about my experience!
Dezerae K. - 10/3/2014

Thanks for the friendly and welcoming atmosphere.
Mary B. - 10/2/2014

Dr. Whisler is always great, caring and a concerned doctor. I felt that Doreen was preoccupied about a compressor that wasn't working properly and it was very distracting and annoying. The water was still coming out okay, but it was making a hissing sound, which didn't bother me at all, but she was quite concerned about it. I don't know if this was affecting her that she seemed really disorganized.
Anonymous - 9/20/2014

Very nice & helpful staff. Dr. W. makes going to the dentist FUN!
Marian S. - 9/19/2014

Val made it seem like a visit instead of an appointment and it was a good visit.
Dan B. - 9/18/2014

I would refer anyone to Dr. Whisler. Throughout the years I have witnessed his practice grow and I would imaging things are significantly busier for him - and yet he is still hands-down the nicest guy I have ever met - and a great dentist. The staff are great as well. I wish the entire practice nothing but continued success and growth!
Kathleen H. - 9/18/2014

Everything was fine.
Robert J. - 9/14/2014

Val was great and was very good at explaining all the things she did and what I need to do to keep my teeth healty.
John H. - 9/14/2014

If there is any way I could be reminded to take the antibiotic before my next visit.
Janet J. - 9/7/2014

Brian and Tonya did a great job squeezing Luke into the schedule to manage a cavity prior to fitting his braces. Thanks!
Luke R. - 9/5/2014

I would like to always get the massage chair at every visit!!!
Emma M. - 8/29/2014

Dr. Whistler and his staff make the dental experience a pleasant one indeed.
Tom L. - 8/24/2014

I have been to many dentists. This practice is by far the best. It is actually fun to go!
Hazel S. - 8/24/2014

I always enjoy coming.
Tom N.

You have a staff that is friendly, approachable, knowledgeable, and very professional. I enjoy dealing with everyone. It's fun to interact with all.
Ralph S.

Every single staff member I encountered greeted me with a smile. Dr. Whisler you are awesome as well as all your staff. Excellent customer service and thorough explanations of everything done. I always make referrals to your office due to my exceptional experiences every single time I visit your office.
Rebecca W.

Teeth Cleaning

I had a very good experience with my dental hygenist. She was very friendly, and definately my teeth felt very clean, and little discomfort with my gums after cleaning. Totally satisfied with her, and Dr Whistler. I have been with this dental office for many many years.

Kathleen A. 10/30/2012


I have a great fear for the dentist. However, Doreen made me feel incredibly comfortable and Dr. Whistler made me laugh. I am actually, for the first time in my life, looking forward to going back.

Brian W. 10/27/2012

Check Up

Thanks for the review of my kids check ups.

Nicole R. 10/25/2012

Visit To St Croix Valley Dentistry

Everyone is very helpful and friendly. the hygenists and all very skilled at cleaning teeth, gums and looking for problems you might have. Dr. Whistler is great, lots of fun, funny and laughs a lot, explains all the options, does a great job, if I could just get him to slow down a little bit. He has done fillings, root scraping, crowns and a root canal for me and all turned out well. I don't mind going to the dentist!

Fred D. 10/25/2012

Best In Town

Can't think of a more important relationship than with the person that drills your teeth! I feel so at ease and trust Dr Whisler 100% with ANY dental issues-for everyone in my family. His staff are equally as wonderful. :) Don't know what I will do if he ever retires! (good thing I am older than he is!) Thanks for everything!

Elizabeth G. 10/23/2012

Friendly And Professional!

It is always a pleasure to visit Dr Whisler and his staff! From the moment you walk in the door until the moment you leave, it is a comfortable and professional atmosphere. You can tell there is a genuine concern for the patient. Dr Whisler and staff are always open to questions and provide thorough answers. Overall, a great experience and St Croix Valley Dentistry is a 'crown' jewel (pun intended) in the Hudson area!

Mike A. 10/17/2012


Dr. Whistler has come into the office for emergencies for me more than once. I told him we have to stop meeting like this. He is great and I'm blessed to have him and his staff on my side. Thank you very much.

Mary P. 10/13/2012

Great Results

Dr. Brian filled 2 cavities without issue. Thanks for taking the time to explain the procedure and review the results. I appreciated the attention to detail.

Michael H. 10/10/2012


Thanks for your pleasant, friendly, professional service. It's a joy to go to the dentist, Dr. Whisler!

Sally W. 9/29/2012

Check Up

Always a great experience. Staff and Dr. are so friendly. It is so welcoming and comfortable it makes you want to go all the time.

Robert H. 9/28/2012

St Croix Family Dentistry

Comfortable,friendly,professional and trustworthy. My recent visit was quick,informative and enjoyable. Dr. Whistler and his team are the very best!!!!!

Kelli O. 9/27/2012

Always A Good Time

Easy to communicate with staff and very relaxing atmosphere.

Ed J. 9/26/2012

Dds Appointment

As always, friendly and informative. Thank you!

Carol L. 9/21/2012

Always A Joy To Be There!

Friendly, on time, personable. Always great!

Samantha N. 9/21/2012

Great Dentist

I absolutely HATE going to the dentist. Last year I decided I needed to go back - after 15 years of not going. My friend gave me her dentist's name - Dr. Whisler, so I went. This place is GREAT! They are very understanding and helpful. They always ask how I'm doing when I have a cleaning - since I'm a white knuckler. They are very accommodating with your schedule and allow you to schedule online if you want. I couldn't have asked for a better dentist.

Robyn D. 9/14/2012

First Visit

I was referred to St. Croix Valley Dentistry recently and had my first appointment yesterday. I felt at ease from the moment I was greeted coming in the front door, to the great care my hygienist Pat gave me, to the in-depth explanations Dr. Whisler gave me concerning the condition of my teeth (thankfully all good!). I had a great and relaxing experience and couldn't recommend this team more highly! Jeff Olsen

Jeff O. 9/14/2012

Good Experience.

This is a good place. The people are always nice and professional. They always tell me if anything is wrong and what my options are to fix it.

Anon A. 9/14/2012

Right On Time

As usual, the staff was ready to go as soon as I showed up for my appointment. I have yet to ever sit in their chairs in the waiting room, because they are extremely prompt.

Frank L. 9/12/2012

Wayyyy Better Than My Old Dentist Office!

Had I known there was a nice dental hygienist out there and an even nicer doctor, I would have switched dentist offices years ago. I usually have to take pain medication after my normal cleaning due to the aggressive nature in which my old hygienist cleaned my teeth. Shelly was gentle and let me know what she was doing the entire time and still got my teeth clean. Will definitely be going there from now on.

Chris P. 9/6/2012

As Pleasant As Uspleasant Can Be

I dont think I have ever met someone that likes getting dental work done. But the staff at St. Croix Valley Dentistry made me feel as comfortable as possiable.

Anon A. 9/6/2012

First Exam And Cleaning

I was recommended by a friend to go to St croix Valley Dentistry. I was not disappointed. Not only were they thorough with the exam,but very concise with the treatment plan by giving me, the customer, many options of how and when to proceed. Also was very happy with the overall friendliness of the staff and how easily they put me at ease. Thank you for all at St croix Valley Dentistry. Keep up the good work and you'll keep me smiling.

Teresa T. 8/31/2012

The Best Of The Best!

I really appreciate the professional and courteous service I receive during my visits to Dr. Whistler's office (St. Croix Valley Dentistry). All the staff members go the extra mile to ensure I am made comfortable, especially since they know the dentist office is not my favorite place to visit. Dr. Whistler explains every procedure in laymans terms and is always gentle while attending to my dental needs.

Anon A. 8/25/2012

Excellent As Always

Dr. Whisler and the St Croix hygienists are very efficient, gentle and friendly. The reception staff is also very friendly and helpful. I'll be headed back on Monday to bring another child in for his 6 month cleaning.

Tami B. 8/23/2012

A Nice Group Of Care Givers!

as always you do a great job. I appreciate your care and concern

Elaine G. 8/17/2012

As Always, You Do A Great Job

as always, you do a great job. I always appreciate your attention to detail.

Kari B. 8/8/2012

Quality Professionals

Quality Professionals, What more can you ask for in a dentist office? oh you want more, well they are Nice people too.

Anon A. 8/8/2012

5 Star

It's always a good experience!

Paulette V. 7/27/2012

5 Star

Great people, Great place. Will pass the word.

Norman L. 7/25/2012


Great customer service as usual!

Kara P. 7/13/2012

Best Denist In The Area

This is the best group of individuals at this office. It has a small home feel with great service and modern technology equipment. They are excellant!!

Anon A. 7/12/2012


I ALWAYS have a great experience here~ been going here for years and will never go anywhere else! I love the whole crew!

Michelle K. 7/12/2012

Teeth Cleaning & General Check Up

As always, I received outstanding care from all of the staff. I have been to many dentists in my life and you just can't beat Team Whisler. Thanks for the care you provide.

Amy B. 7/3/2012

Root Canal

A difficult root canal, but a good outcome. No bruising, no swelling, no pain! Two tylenol as a preventative measure. I did not need them. Dr. Whistler rocks!

Mary P. 6/27/2012

St. Croix Valley Dentistry

Absolutely the best dentist and staff you will ever find!! Painless, caring, attentive and amazing results! If youy HAVE to go to the dentist, this is where you want to go.

Elaine F. 6/26/2012

Great Experience!

Dental hygienist was great! Dr. Whissler is always pleasant.

Anon A. 6/25/2012

Cleaning With Shelley

My experience was WONDERFUL as usual! Always enjoy visiting with everyone! They are always so pleasant!

Kimberly J. 6/21/2012

Exceptional Service

Shelly has been my dental person for some time and she has always done an excellent job with checking and cleaning my teeth. Bravo to her! And, when the good doctor comes by to take a look is always courteous and professional. Nicest guy. Front desk staff is also very personable and professional. Highest recommendation.

James S. 6/20/2012

6 Month Checkup

Great to catch up with Shelley. Nice to get another good checkup review.

Gary W. 6/20/2012


My favorite part is when Dr. Whisler started drilling. The jokes are always good too. Looking forward to my next filling. Staff is good and helpful, text reminders are very helpful also.

Nick S. 6/14/2012

Great Service

My husband has had an amazing experience with everyone at St Croix Valley Dentistry. Everyone is so caring and easy to talk to.

Anon A. 6/12/2012

Always Great

Sitting in a Dentist chair is never fun but, Dr. Whistler and his staff always make the best of it. I don't believe I will ever look for another dentist!!!!

Rick S. 6/8/2012

Love You All!

Great job! Supremely satisfied with every aspects of my visit. The work done was top notch, and the customer service was superb. Every staff member was welcoming and non judgmental.

Denario D. 5/25/2012

Always A Pleasure

Quick, professional, and courteous. Dr Whisler and his assistants always do the very best.

Anon A. 5/23/2012

Appointment Feedback

Awesome. I never knew that dental care could be so fun, seriously. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable.

Stefen T. 5/22/2012

Another Great Experience

I have had serious periodontal concerns in the past. Dr. Whisler and his wonderful/thorough hygienists have helped keep my mouth stable and healthy.

Anon A. 5/11/2012


They always do a great job cleaning my teeth and looking for any other possible dental related health problems.

Anon A. 5/11/2012

A Top Notch Experience!!

It has been some time since my last dental visit(3years) My experience with Dr. Whisler and his caring staff and assistants was excellent. I was treated with the utmost care and concern for my well being and informed several times about my current dental health and educated on the process of dentistry and what my options were. Doreen my hygentist was skilled and engaging and made what can be a anxious time into a great experience. The rest of the staff showed the same care and concern for me and treated me with respect and concern. Dr. Whisler has a great operatiojn and I would recommend him heartily for anyone seeking dental care in the St. Croix Valley.

Robert P. 5/9/2012

My Wonderful Dental Visit

You wouldn't believe how wonderful Dr. Whisler and his entire staff are to me. I have a BAD back problem and they do what they can while I sit in my walker. When I have to sit in the wonderful dental chair (which isn't comfy to me) they ALL make sure I'm comfortable and they help me get in and out of the chair. I can't believe their patience with me.

Beverly B. 5/8/2012

Loyal Customers

Good work & advice, and an understanding of what it means to have to work within a budget.

Anon A. 5/3/2012

Couldn'T Be Better

The higienist was very gentle and patient. She explained and let me know in advance every step of her work. I would recommend this place to anyone. Very kind and friendly environment.

Anon A. 5/3/2012

Preventative Dental Checkup

Very pleased with professionalism and dentistry by Dentist and Dental Hygenist. Digital xrays in combination with the review by dentist helped me better understand my current dental situation. Appreciated approach giving me advice of what I can do to maintain my teeth health.

Todd F. 5/2/2012

Pearly Whites

Great service as always Pat. Almost fell asleep in the chair during my teeth cleaning!

Mary L. 4/27/2012

6 Month Dental Cleaning/Check-Up

Everyone is always friendly and welcoming at the office from front desk to the doctor. Very gentle cleaning and you feel educated versus "scolded" on how to take care of your teeth/gums.

Anon A. 4/25/2012


For how much flack dentists get, this place is wonderful! Everyone is so friendly, and you get to watch TV while you're getting your work done!

Christina R. 4/19/2012

Now I Look Forward To My Visit To The Dentist! Amazing!

Excellent service; I never thought I would ever look forward to my Dentist visit. I have always put them off as long as I could. Now I actually look forward to seeing all of you. The staff is wonderful.

Donna H. 4/13/2012


Dr. Whistler is great. Always makes it easy for kids. Believe it or not i love to go to the dentist.

Anya H. 4/12/2012

Martha G Visit

Experience was very good as always .. Doreen and I talk a and laugh a lot during the cleaning part of the visit.. Office staff always on top of things and Dr. Whisler gave me a thorough exam.

Martha G. 4/8/2012

Going To The Dentist

I have hated going to the dentist since I was 16, but I found Dr Whistler about 20 years ago and no pain. I even followed him from MN to Hudson WI because he is so gentle and up front about what is going to do. He is never to busy to answer questions for you. He also gives you the information and then lets you make the decision that works best for you.

Christine K. 4/6/2012

Most Pain Free Experience Ever

Had to go in to get fitted for a crown. Despite 90 minutes of work, no pain during the procedure, but even more amazing was no pain after the novacaine wore off. I have crowns before, and usually there pain for a couple of days afterwards, but not with Dr Whistler at the helm. He always put a little extra care into his work, which really improves the quality of the experience.

Frank L. 3/30/2012


Always feel at ease and relaxed.

Ed J. 3/26/2012

Appointment On 3/22/12

Everyone is always professional, friendly and knowledgeable. I enjoy going to the dentist! Dr. Whistler is the best!

Paulette V. 3/23/2012

Excellent As Usual!!

We love our Dentist! We have always had great results with Dr. Whisler and love the friendly staff also.

Robyn P. 3/22/2012

They Make It Easy

This is a dentist that you are happy to visit. The entire staff is friendly, professional and caring. Facilities are modern and well-equiped. Dr Whistler is always considerate of your budget when recommending treatment.

Frank L. 3/6/2012

Wonderful Staff

Doreen is The best! She is so careing. Dr Whistler rocks!

Amber S. 3/6/2012

Gentle, Timely And Skilled Staff

Dr. Whisler's staff are friendly and caring folks who are very good at their jobs. The receptionists are very friendly and accommodating and the hygienists are gentle and good with children and adults. Dr. Whisler does excellent work and is also skilled with children as well as adults. This is an out of network dentist practice for me, but worth the extra $ to have such a great local dentist.

Tami B. 2/21/2012

Excellent As Always!

Thank you for another wonderful experience. The kids and I all appreciate your kindness and expertise. Keep up the good work and we'll see you in 6 months!

Paul R. 2/12/2012

Excellent Dental Care

I've been going to this practice since its beginning and I continue to appreciate the professional care and advice I get there. Too many people don't understand that good dental health contributes to good physical health. Dr. Whisler and his staff know this and convey this well.

Gloria M. 2/10/2012

I Love Going To The Dentist

Well I'm not sure that anyone loves a trip to the dentist, but Brian and his staff are all first rate.

Anon A. 2/8/2012

Crown Replacement Procedure

I received excellent care as always. Dr. Whisler & Shauna ended up staying late to finish my procedure yet no complaints from them. It's always a pleasant atmosphere in the office.

Amy B. 2/7/2012

Regular Cleaning

Everything went well, Glad I made to switch to these guys!

Brent S. 2/5/2012

Shelly Is The Best!

As a child I never had a good experience with the dentist, but not only do Dr. Whisler and his entire staff put me at ease, but my eleven year old daughter has had nothing but positive experiences at the dentist. I actually look forward to my check-ups! Keep up the great work!

Anon A. 1/31/2012


Thanks to all, everything was great.

Claudette D. 1/26/2012

Love This Dentist

kind, caring and great with kids

Anon A. 1/25/2012

Cleaning And Checkup

My cleaning was fast and Painless as always!

Elaine G. 1/25/2012

Awesome As Usual

Thanks to everyone! Comfort, compassion, and great overall care!

Jeremy F. 1/19/2012

Crown Prep

Dr. Whistler did a great job on my crown prep. He told me everything I needed to know, and even re-took the impression to make sure the crown comes back from the lab perfect.

Anon A. 1/12/2012


I appreciated your prompt help.

Sally W. 1/7/2012


Everyone is very friendly, professional and helpful. I always feel I get all my questions answered - it's always a thorough evaluation, no matter what. Thank you for providing excellent service to your patients!

Paulette V. 1/6/2012

January 2012 Dentist Visit

I highly reccommend St. Croix Valley Dentistry. The staff is both friendly and professional. They make you feel at ease while performing their tasks, and they take the time to explain what they are doing and why they are doing it. I was in and out in less than an hour and the procedure was virtually painless.

Anon A. 1/4/2012

Six Month Check Up And Repair Of Broken Tooth.

The visits were handled in a friendly, professional, and proficient manner. The work was completed with quality and in a timely manner.

Dan B. 12/27/2011

Daughter'S First Filling

My daughter had her first filling last week and I can't thank Dr. Whisler and his assistant enough for the wonderful experience that my daughter had. He took the time to explain everything he was going to do and the name of every instrument that he had for her teeth to get the stinky cavity out. She was never in any pain and laughed and giggled almost the entire time and told her grandma and grandpa all about it. They get an A++++ from Lacie and from Mom :)

Lacie L. 12/19/2011

Feedback On My Appointment

I received excellent care as I always do. You just can't beat this great team of professionals.

Amy B. 12/13/2011

Clean And Check

My appointment was very positive. Doreen, my hygenist, was very thorough and pleasant. She made this visit an enjoyable experience. Dr. Whistler is always freindly and easy to to discuss any issue regarding the condition of my teeth.

John H. 12/7/2011

Best Dentist In Hudson!

After having some really low quality dental work done, it was great to see a dentist with such talent as Dr. Whisler. He does an incredible job and I would recommend him to everyone. My teeth have never looked so good. Thank you Dr. Whisler and staff!

Michelle J. 12/6/2011

Best Service

I have been going to St. Croix Valley Dentistry for years and have always had the best service possible. They are always friendly and concerned about your well being. Need a dentist --- Go to ST. CROIX VALLEY DENTISTRY !!!!!

Fred P. 12/1/2011

Dr. Whisler & Staff:

Thank you for helping my son, Tyler, out with a quick appointment and look at his wisdom tooth. It's so good to have a Family Dentist that takes care of us like family! You and staff are appreciated!


My wife, Barbara, and I have been patients of Dr. Whisler for almost ten years. The treatment that we have received has always been outstanding from Dr. Whisler and his entire staff. Everyone there goes above and beyond to take care of our dental needs. Dr. Whisler and his assistant even came in on Thanksgiving Day a few years ago to take care of an emergency for me. Hats off to everyone at St. Croix Valley Dentistry. They truly care.

Hudson, WI

Dear Dr. Whisler,
Thank you very much for coming to our meeting to teach us about caring for our teeth and telling us about community helpers. We learned a lot and had fun!

Brownie Troop 53710

I don't know how to thank all of you for your support, caring and prayers these last several years!! Then to be remembered on my birthday - You are the greatest!! I mean this from the bottom of my heart.
- Diana -